The Water Buffalo Begins

Posted on 02. Sep, 2009 by Greg Mossfeldt in West Coast

The diving in Port Hardy with Danny on the Mamro was a fantastic experience. Unfortunately and out of anyones control the visibility was so poor up in the Browning Pass area that we couldn't see six inches. It was decided to cut our losses and head down to Nanaimo to do some wreck diving on the Cape Breton and Saskatchewan.

We had made contact with Ken Adrian of "Divers Choice Charters" on the "Shawn Tanis" so the gang was already for the change of plans. Ken had a great place for us to stay so we loaded our gear off the Mamro and it was onwards to our next adventure.

We made it in late on Wednesday evening after stopping at the mandatory "Cactus Club" for something to eat. We then made it to Ken's which is right on Departure Bay and couldn't believe our good fortune as his place in line with the awesome scenery of Departure Bay was incredible.

We had lined up a dive the next day on the Cape Breton with Ken so we had a good nights sleep. Well maybe not that good as Murray, Steve and I came up with a new club signature called "THE WATER BUFFALOES" where will have regular "pub Nights" for the "WATER BUFFALO" legislation, buffalo hats with horns, and a secret password for all entries. It does take some time to think this all out so the three of us were up a little later than usual preparing our itinerary.

Once we were down at the Dock we brought our heavy gear down and loaded it on Ken's skiff where we then traveled over to the "Shawn Tanis" and easily loaded out gear on the diving boat.