Diving the Cape Breton with Richard Huntrods

Posted on 03. Sep, 2009 by Greg Mossfeldt in West Coast

I first met Richard in Calgary and my first impression was of an enthusiastic and passionate diver always in a quest to learn more about his chosen activity. Richard heard rumors of our tech diving adventure through the local recreational dive stores and decided to indulge in the heresay for himself.

As spoken previously, Richard has been a keen enthusiast with our group in Calgary and was always present for an Indian food night out at "Moti Mahal". It was great as he almost always included his wife Linda with our group of diving roughnecks. Linda is always humble until the conversation sparks her interest and then she shares her interesting hobbies with the group. Linda has never portrayed indifference to tales of our passion and we welcome her at our get togethers.

By and by it was time for Richard and Linda to move on and they relocated in the Ladysmith area of Vancouver Island. Richard is able to enjoy his many activities and interests which include diving on the many walls encrusted with marine life and sharing the adventure with fellow divers. Linda enjoys many outlets for her artistic interests and Richard is often by her side contributing his own creative thoughts in the process.

It is always a pleasure to go diving on the Island and I make sure Richard knows some of his old Calgary pals are coming out. There is always an invitation to stay with Linda and Richard at their home and for now we are glad to get out and share some camaraderie while diving. Richard is always keen for the social aspect after the dives and is an appreciated ambassador to the Island.

Anyway here we are diving on the wreck of the Cape Breton and I managed to snap off some images of him moving through the artificial reef with his PRISM closed circuit rebreather which he is very fond of.