Crowsnest Lake Exploration

Posted on 09. Oct, 2010 by Greg Mossfeldt in Reports

What an exciting day!!!

Imagine being in this vehicle at the turn of the century under the cover of a rag top.

Bitter cold winter weather while the wind whips up a frozen frenzy. Now they have to side step the main highway conduit to avoid an impassable drift of snow. Critical decisions abound as the driver takes all into consideration. NOW they would now make the fatal mistake of driving out onto the seemingly solid blanket of ice on Crowsnest Lake. The adventurers took some solice in the tire chains surrounding the rear wheels of their imposter of a snow machine. They begin to creep out over the ice, daringly they nervously glance at each other. The sound of crackling ice suddenly fills all their senses.

The car breaks the surface of the ice and they plunge to a watery grave on this cold, dark night.

Way more to come or you could read about it in the papers.