Cape Breton with Greg McCuaig

Posted on 07. Sep, 2009 by Greg Mossfeldt in West Coast

The plan for the dive was for Leigh-Ann to buddy up with Richard and explore the outer features of the Cape Breton while Greg and I went to explore the first level of the interior. We all descended onto the deck of the wreck together and checked each other out to ensure we would have a successful dive then went on our separate ways.

Greg and I left our 100% O2 on the deck near the hatch to the first level as they are not required for our time in the ship. We entered through the hatch to a nice big room to ensure our trim was good before continuing on. Then off we went to explore the ship, it is amazing how much life has moved into this artificial reef, obviously a huge success. As we move through the wreck it is nice that the ship was prepared for divers as there are access holes made through the walls. As we made our way from the bow to the stern there are numerous areas where we had to manipulate our profile to go through some of the openings. In some of the rooms we were in you could visualise the sailors going about their daily duties. One area of particular interest is the seaman’s mess where the steam table is still there and is a great opportunity for pictures. Then before I knew it we were at the stern of the ship and it was time to turn around and head back to the bow. On the way back I noticed that if you looked to the starboard and port side there were large openings cut into the exterior for easy exit if the diver was having issues and didn’t want to be inside anymore.

As we exited out of the ship we gathered up our O2 bottles to be used for our obligatory decompression. Just as I thought this was a great relaxing dive I realized my training was never completely finished as my buddy was not carrying either depth or timing device. This scenario made me the deco captain and having to ensure Greg understood what we needed to do on the way up to the awaiting dive boat. Also, reinforced the concept of ensuring the head to toe checkout is done before every dive no mater how big of a hurry we are in. As we got back on the Shawn Tanis we were greeted by the rest of our group and a welcome hot drink.

Greg McCuaig