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Dale Demchuk diving the rEvo CCR at Minneanka

Posted on 02. Sep, 2011 by Greg Mossfeldt

Dale Demchuk cruises the sites at Lake Minnewanka while diving the rEvo CCR. An interesting note is Dale is diving the rEvo here at Lake ... (continued)

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July 30th, 2011

Posted on 30. Jul, 2011 by Greg Mossfeldt

Great weather and a great dive, which on my Birthday makes the day!

Today we had Dale Demchuk, TL Kokot, Paige Pfefferle, and James Dixon. We started the dive... (continued)

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Many Scooters

Posted on 10. Oct, 2010 by Greg Mossfeldt

The mornings are getting quite brisk but our hardy group of divers keep braving the passion:)

Today we had Paige Pfefferle, Greg Mossfeldt, Travis Benoche, Murray Campbell, James Dixon, Terry Forsyth, Greg and Leigh-Ann McCuaig.

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Townsite, September 19th, 2010

Posted on 19. Sep, 2010 by Greg Mossfeldt

Divers out to the townsite today ... all with CUDA 650's or 850's were Leigh-Ann McCuaig, Greg McCuaig, James Dixon, Travis Benoche, Mark Gangl and Greg M... (continued)

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Scootering the townsite in September, 2010

Posted on 05. Sep, 2010 by Greg Mossfeldt

Darrin Barker, Travis Benoche and Greg Mossfeldt scooter with their Dive-Xtras CUDA 650's out to the townsite at Minnewanka.

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Townsite Artifacts

Posted on 29. Aug, 2010 by Greg Mossfeldt

Exploring the abundance of artifacts at Minnewanka Landing.

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AUC PROJECT - Minnewanka Plaque stair repair

Posted on 21. Aug, 2009 by Greg Mossfeldt

Alberta Underwater Council Project - On Friday, August 21st Steve Aaen and I repair the bottom stair at the Plaque site going down to the Lake at Minnew... (continued)

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November 19, 2008, Terry Forsyth & John Weisbrich

Posted on 19. Nov, 2008 by Greg Mossfeldt

Got out with G. John Weisbrich and Terry Forsyth today for a long dive but we swam for the duration so it wasn't to cold if one wore ... (continued)

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Diving the rEvo

Posted on 14. Mar, 2009 by Greg Mossfeldt

Today was sunny but John McCuaig and I were quite aware of the snow on the ground, which had not been present earlier when we were out in late November with Brian Nadwi... (continued)

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